Organizational culture: what it is, importance, how to implement, and examples

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Back Organizational culture: what it is, importance, how to implement, and examples Organizational culture dictates the way employees perceive an organization.   Your organization has its own culture, an environment, or atmosphere that people feel in their workplace that is also related to its vision and goals.   When the culture is well defined, the company acquires several competitive advantages by starting with values rooted in each component of its teams.  In this way, there is a coherent trajectory, which contributes to growth.   If you want to define, implement or improve your corporate culture, continue reading this article.      What is organizational culture?   Organizational culture is defined as a strategic resource. It is formed by a set of beliefs, values, and norms that influence the climate of a company. This corporate culture is important for organizations because […]

5 Back-to-School Tech Tips

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Voltar5 Back-to-School Tech Tips    In recent years, technology has promoted a major digital transformation that is reflected in the educational landscape, nationally and internationally. The chalk and the slate are falling more and more into disuse. Nowadays, children are encouraged to develop their activities on the computer, and tablets are used in classrooms to […]

All you need to know about the SAF-T file in 2021

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VoltarAll you need to know about the SAF-T file in 2021    SAF-T (Standard Audit for Tax Purposes) is a file that, in a standard XML format, contains all the tax-relevant documentation of a company for a given period. This file integrates the invoicing processes of any company. But do you know everything about this […]

8 key digital trends in a post-pandemic world

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Voltar8 key digital trends in a post-pandemic world    Consumer demands and behaviors emerge and change rapidly, especially in the technology sector. The pandemic brought changes that triggered digital trends that will endure in a post-pandemic world.    To tackle this crisis, many companies have relied on technology. Recent tech trends are helping organizations adapt to […]

Smart Integration – Much more than integration

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VoltarSmart Integration – Muito mais que integração    The standard It is already standard for information systems, or pieces of software, to include some sort of integration or API (Application Programming Interface). For the record, according to Wikipedia, an API is a “set of routines and programming standards for access to a Web-based software application […]

The history of e-mail: from the beginning to the present day

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Voltar The history of e-mail: from the beginning to the present day       The e-mail revolutionized the way we interact. When today almost one in three people has an e-mail, it is strange to think that 15 years ago few people had an e-mail and the few that did were not used to check […]

5 tips for creating an effective productivity system

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Voltar 5 tips for creating an effective productivity system  Human beings are not always inherently productive. Most likely, every productive person you know has a system that helps them stay focused on their tasks. And that’s what productivity systems do. They help you keep track of priorities so you can decide what to do and when to do it. However, as you […]

What are NFTs and why are they so successful?

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VoltarWhat are NFTs and why are they so successful? Even if you don’t yet know what NFTs are, the digital collections market is already moving millions of dollars and is getting the attention of the general public. NFTs, the acronym by which they are most commonly known online, are the latest big thing on the […]

Will Cryptocurrencies be the currency of the future?

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Will Cryptocurrencies be the currency of the future? If you’re still not completely up to speed with the concept of cryptocurrencies, you’re in good company. After more than a decade of great growth, most people still know little about this universe. Regardless of where you stand on this topic, there is a strong possibility that […]

5 tips to ensure Cloud Security

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5 tips to ensure cloud security Today, 90% of companies are in the Cloud. Connectivity, process optimization and increased productivity are some of the main advantages of the Cloud for business. Despite its rapid growth, the Cloud introduces the risk of security breaches that can drastically affect an organization. Therefore, data security is a major […]

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